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The Bird-Rose Heritage


In January 2017 Bird-Rose LLC was formed in Houston Texas with the mission to finalize and execute Bird-Rose innovation. Promptly after final exquisite touches, a dream come true, Bird-Rose final product was developed in mass production and distribution started. 


Our dream keeps growing thanks to you, who have chosen our variety of high quality Bird-Rose roses. 


Our roses are born & cultivated in Ecuador, and are ensemble in USA. Our Roses are preserved and carefully selected to ensure long lasting quality. Our mission is to stay strong, fashionable, trendy and lovable in today's market place.

rosebox pink



Bird-Rose is excited to present to to all markets, its exclusive Designer Rose Box Collection.  


Our Rose Boxes are unique thanks to their innovative original CLEVER design. Once the box is open, it becomes a chic arrangement ready to use! Its cover inverts and adapts to the base creating a unique decor, gift or it can be hung on the wall.


These Designer Boxes have been made with top quality materials and printing techniques. The interior is covered with soft velvet and our roses are hand crafted for your delight.


Bird-Rose's legendary lifelong roses are natural roses carefully preserved and handcrafted by highly skilled artisans.

The production of our Preserved Roses follows a safe and reliable process that combines technology and respect for life. We hold various certificates that demonstrate our commitment for nature and the environment. 


Our Species:  is a healthy rose, large in size and preserved with a secret and unique technique that keeps its color & texture for years. Our roses are also scented to complete its natural beauty.

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