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Our Roses require NO WATER, magically immortal keeping their fresh cut look, smell and softness*.

Get enchanted with our product and amaze your customers with their beauty. Give a luxurious, long lasting experience with your decors, in events, weddings, showcases and shop windows saving time & money!


We work closely together with our clients to create the right decor & fitting the stablished budget. Since our Roses follow a safe non-toxic process to be preserved, please contact us to book your event on time. You can get a WHOLESALE price starting at 24 units! We can provide all the Bird-Roses boxes for the occasion, it can be a great souvenir and event favor!

A unique CORPORATE GIFT our flowerbox can be personalized and branded with the company logo or business message. Whether you are looking for an elegant flower decoration or bouquet, presents for business associates, or rewarding employees, we have the expertise and the perfect luxury product to assist you. 

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Let us amaze your clients or guests with the most beautiful long lasting freshness & the delightful colors of our Bird-Roses.

Wholesale price list, B2B information & Arrangements

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Wholesale ROSEBOX 

We offer a great variety of attractive colors!

We are always happy and ready to supply & assist all kind of B2B,

Concept Stores & Gift Stores

Our Rose boxes are perfect home decor and also as a unique gift for someone special! Contact us for our Wholesale price list at

We offer 9 principal colors year round, & customized colors upon request.

Contact us for more details and wholesale orders.

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lila preserved rose
coral preserved rose
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pink preserved rosebox wholesale

Color meaning - helping you to chose the right colors for your roses. All colors can be provided 

Yellow: happiness, sunshine, good energy! The yellow color brings light and warms up all atmospheres. It is a nice color to share with friends also to say thank you.


Red: Love, passion, and desire. As everybody knows red is the best way to say I love you. Perfect color for anniversaries, valentine's day & engagements.


White: Peace, honesty, pureness. The color white represents an honest relationship based on trust. Let your soul say: I am proud of you, congratulations or I care a about you.


Orange: Strong feelings, positive energy, time to celebrate! The color orange represents the internal strength and stronghold of spirit. This color is great to decorate an office, a bookshelf or any other place that needs energy and light.


Purple: Simplicity, charm, illusion. This color, called ‘Lavender’ in our color collection is a soft and delicate option. A ‘lavender’ rose represents harmony and well being.


Pink: Affection, simplicity, care and appreciation. A light pink rose shows respect & pure love. It is also the perfect gift to a new mom giving birth to a baby girl. A very nice color to share with a good friend, mother, sister and any other family member.


Coral: Modern color, fresh and dynamic, great for any happy occasion. Coral is a color that represents beauty and sensuality. It is also a great using it to decorate bright and sober rooms.

Turquoise: Express feelings that are not shown regularly. A wonderful way to say "I am crazy about you". This color represents love in pure, sauvage and innocent way.


Black: This color is pure and neutral perfect for any occasion. Represents elegance and magnificence. It is also a color that symbolism respect and discretion.

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